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  • Public invitation to organizations for cooperation
    in the Green Exercise Project

The goal of the Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota is to create the conditions for a higher quality of life for all inhabitants of the Pomurje region and to reduce health inequalities. We plan and implement projects in the field of health and sustainable development, conduct professional events and workshops, and cooperate with local and foreign partners in various European projects. Our services are:

  • Training and education in the field of cross-sectoral cooperation to reduce health inequalities
  • From idea to implementation - project planning and project partnerships
  • Funding - project applications for various calls for funding sources
  • Project implementation - project management and reporting
  • Preparation of investment documentation (DIIP, PIZ, IP) according to the methodology for investment projects in the field of public finances
  • Creating a cost-benefit analysis in accordance with the manufacturing instructions in the Working Document 4 EC
  • Making feasibility studies
  • Creation of business plans and investment studies
  • Developing health promotion plans at the workplace
  • Sustainable mobility planning
  • Nordic Walking Center - presentations, trainings, promotion
  • Planning and conducting professional events - workshops, conferences, symposia, training, education