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V okviru projekta Get fit - that is it, smo v ponedeljek, 29. aprila 2024 preko spletne platforme ZOOM projektni partnerji izvedli uvodno srečanje.
Kratek povzetek uvodnega srečanja navajamo v spodnjem besedilu:

Kickstarting the HealthyLifestyle4All Goes Local Project: A Collaborative Effort to Promote Fitness and Wellbeing

The HealthyLifestyle4All project, initiated under the "Get fit - that is it" abbreviation, officially began with an engaging kick-off meeting held online. This project, generously funded by the European Union, brings together various European partners dedicated to fostering healthier lifestyles across all demographics.

Led by Nenad Borković of Getfit, the kick-off was attended by project partners from Croatia, Portugal, and Slovenia. Among them were Dejan Ćosić from Getfit, Carla Magalhães from the Municipality of Lousada, Alenka Glavač Geršanov from the Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota and Iva Weingerl the Mediwa Center.

The meeting underscored the collective enthusiasm and commitment to the project's vision. Attendees discussed the technical aspects, project management strategies, budget allocations, and the setup of tools for effective communication, including cloud storage and a WhatsApp group to facilitate seamless interaction among partners.

The primary goal of the project is to identify and exchange innovative practices for promoting regular physical activity among adults while retaining their high motivation. The main target group are aduults from 20-60 years of age. The project coordinator laid out a comprehensive plan detailing the objectives, expected outcomes, deliverables, and dissemination strategies. A significant focus was placed on the project's budget of €60,000, ensuring equitable distribution among partners and aligning funding with planned activities.

As we look forward, the “Get fit – that is it “project is not just about achieving fitness, but about creating a sustainable and inclusive environment where every individual can access the resources they need to live a healthier life. The next project meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 26, 2024, with an alternative date of July 19 being considered.

For more details on our project and to stay updated on our progress, please visit our websites and social media.