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The database presents a variety of literature - from monthly newsletters, professional literature on reducing inequalities in health, investing in health and development in Pomurje, social determinants of health, project brochures, to books with recipes for a healthier diet, culinary glossary and more. We publish the data as a collaborative centre of the World Health Organization for cross-sectoral approaches for health and development, as members of the Network of Regions for Health of Europe (RHN Network) and as coordinator of the Mura Regional Action Group (RAS). We are also publishing news as the Nordic Walking Centre of Pomurje.

The purpose of the database is to store a variety of literature which enables the visitor to access the data in one place, whether it is professional data, examples of good practices, useful leaflets, brochures or manuals, as well as the latest tool to assist in the preparation of local action plans.

The thematic covers the knowledge base of many areas, and above all the areas with which we are mostly engaged and whose activities tend to reduce health inequalities, invest in health and development, and monitor the social determinants of health in the region of Pomurje. Areas that are represented in the database are: healthy and active aging, health and tourism, health and mobility, health and the environment, health and food, health and accessibility and health and exercise. The database will be constantly updated.

The search engine works on the basis of Google. Enter the word or phrase you want to search in the search box and the search engine will show all the results that it finds in the PDF documents uploaded to the database, on our website and on linked web pages in the database in our working field.

Enter the word or phrase you want to search in the search box.