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The result of the development and implementation of the concept of investment in health in Pomurje is the Regional Mura Action Group (RAS Mura). Pomurje is one of the most endangered regions in Slovenia, with the highest percentage of long-term unemployed, which is associated with a low level of education. All of these are recognized determinants of health, which also means that the unprivileged population is more likely to face higher rates of morbidity and mortality. Regional development can improve the situation in individual regions. The Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia has therefore started to work towards integrating health into regional programmes along with other sectors, thus developing the Mura Program, which brings together experts. The Mura Programme has become one of the priorities of the Regional Development Programme for the Pomurje Region 2002-2006. In this programme for the period 2014-2020, the main focus is health, reducing health inequalities and improving the quality of life and forming two investment areas.