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Raising Awareness for Heart Failure in Razkrižje

Last week, the Municipality of Razkrižje marked the first anniversary of the family medicine centre, which is headed by Doctor Davorin Kolarić. The event, which took place in front of the health station in Razkrižje, was attended by the current director of the Ljutomer Health Centre Djordje Šiškin and the former director Jože Šumak, director of the Primary School Razkrižje Anica Šimonka together with the pupils, the parish priest Msgr. Franc Režonja, Director of the Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota Peter Beznec, Mayor of the Razkrižje Municipality Stanko Ivanušič, doctor Ivan Nerat from Beltinci Health Centre, Zvonimir Cesarec doctor from the Health Centre in Veržej, Štefanija Raj from the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, regional unit Murska Sobota, Director of the National Institute of Public Health, Regional Unit Murska Sobota Tatjana Krajnc Nikolić and rescuers from the Health Centres Ljutomer and Lenart and many other partners with whom the family medicine centre works with.

The employees of the Špringer Pharmacy also took part and measured the visitors’ feet. All participants of the event were also able to take part in professionally guided exercises "School of Health". According to Doctor Kolarić, a lot of attention is paid to the promotion of health. At the event billboards from the Programme for Awareness and Empowerment on Heart Failure were presented. The programme is carried out jointly by the Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota with experts from the General Hospital Murska Sobota. By placing the billboards at the aforementioned event in Razkrižje, we again reached different target population groups, both children and adolescents, as well as adults, and in this way we also provided awareness on heart failure. A medical technician also helped us to explain the symptoms and signs of heart failure, as well as guidance for self-care. The visitors had the opportunity to measure their blood pressure and heart rate and cholesterol. We are pleased to be able to raise awareness on heart failure in this way and that we were supported by Doctor Davorin Kolarić and his team.

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