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Public invitation to organizations to participate in the Regiohelp project in the framework of the establishment of a bilateral service offer

The Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota invites organizations to participate in the project "Regiohelp". The main objective of the project is to upgrade bilateral regional social and health management to strengthen social cohesion, through which we want to show that resource management is possible and sensible starting at regional or administrative level. Within the framework of the three-year project, we will develop a special computer system for recommending - Luiii, which will provide users with the opportunity to find suitable institutions in the field of social services and healthcare, which otherwise may be difficult to find.

Because in the social and health spheres the differentiation and specialization of solving specific problems and problems for which specific forms of support are needed, we will increase specialized offers through the project, which can be easily and effectively prepared for users from the neighboring country. In this way, we want to establish a bilateral offer of social and health services in Slovenia and Austria.

These specialized service offerings will be in the database of the aforementioned Luiii system, specially marked and recommend in both countries for appropriate specific requirements, which the user will be able to mark if they wish to search for them.

The whole cooperation is for organizations free of charge! By participating, your organization will be able to gain greater visibility, participate in the development of new models of regional social and health management, and expand the network of your partners with related organizations from neighboring Austria.


Additional information and documentation:

  • identity card of the project "Regiohelp",
  • application form for cooperation.

The application documentation is also available on the website from the announcement of the public invitation. Applications for participation are collected by 30.06.2017 at the latest by e-mail:

We look forward to working with you and creating a bilateral supply of social and health services.

The project is co-financed through the cooperation program Interreg Slovenia-Austria 2014-2020. The document does not reflect the EU's position.

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