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Opening of the Interactive Path - Heart Failure

The Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota has organized the main event of the Programme for Awareness and Empowerment on Heart Failure in the framework of the media campaign »Nepopustljivo srce« (Relentless Heart), which took place on Monday, 7 May 2018 at 10 am, on the platform of the Martin Luther Alley in Murska Sobota.

Following the welcome address by the mayor of the City Municipality of Murska Sobota (MOMS) dr. Aleksander Jevšek, the director of the CHD Murska Sobota, Peter Beznec and the Director of the General Hospital of Murska Sobota (SBMS) Bojan Korošec, Jožica Poličnik from the Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia, and Nina Pirnat, Director of the National Institute of Public Health also addressed the audience. Next was the announcement of the programme's ambassadors, which are Dr. Aleksander Jevšek, Ema Mesarič, Angela Novak and Violeta Bertalanič who all received a certificate and a symbolic gift.

At the event, the organizers presented and ceremoniously opened an interactive path for patients, their relatives and the general public. Doc. Dr. Jerneja Farkaš Lainščak, Head of the research activity of SMBS, who, together with the CHD Murska Sobota, conducts this Programme with the support of MOMS, explained the interactive path. The ceremonial tape at the opening ceremony was cut by Bojan Korošec, Director of SBMS, Peter Beznec, Director of the CHD Murska Sobota and Dr. Aleksander Jevšek, mayor of MOMS. Prof. Dr. Mitja Lainščak, Head of Cardiac Activity at the SBMS had some words about the disease itself and the SOBOTA-HF study.

Following the opening ceremony, physiotherapists Metka Vlaj and Boža Gider from the SBMS presented various self-sufficiency skills to the participants. The visitors were able to take measurements with the help of nurses Anita Černezel-Vogrinčič and Blanka Rajh from SBMS Ambulance for Heart Failure, who took blood pressure, heart rate, and body weight. At the end of the event, the winners of a prize game were announced.

The event has joined the European Heart Failure Awareness Day, which has been taking place every year since 2010, this year between 5 and 7 May, and is also being promoted by the Heart Association of the European Cardiac Association.

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