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Motivational Workshops at Elementary School France Prešeren Črenšovci

On Thursday, June 15, at the Primary school France Prešeren Črenšovci, a motivational workshop for students from the fifth to the eighth grade took place. The workshop was an introduction to the summer business camp "With a business idea to health", which will be held from June 26th to 28th at the Primary School Črenšovci, within the project "Learn for Health", which also includes the Centre for Health and development Murska Sobota (CHD). Pupils need to create a health product, focusing on entrepreneurship.

In the summer camp, they will be accompanied and taught by Danilo Kozoderec from the Institute Simetris, which deals with various career and entrepreneurial workshops. With his help, children will learn and develop social skills, they will have numerous workshops on the topic of communication, and in the end they will create a special leaflet about health. The first motivation workshop was divided into two parts, in the first, the children learned the basics of entrepreneurship, they also had brainstorming about how they could earn during the holidays, while the other part was intended for practical introduction into entrepreneurship. The mentor Tadeja Horvat said that the children responded to the first workshop very positive. They were very active, they showed great interest and gave a lot of ideas about entrepreneurship, and therefore the school hopes that they will be able to carry out a summer camp. Mrs. Horvat also emphasized the importance of the early development of entrepreneurship skills and ideas as well as creativity in children, as there is an increasing need for each individual to develop, think, engage and train in as many areas as possible.

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