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The Heart Walks

On 19 May, we celebrate the World Nordic Walking Day, and on this day the 38th Three Hearts Marathon in Radenci was also held. The Centre for Health and Development organized a special event "The Heart Walks" as part of the Nordic Walking Competition. The walk was part of the media campaign Nepopustljivo srce (Relentless heart) in the framework of the Programme for Awareness and Empowerment on Heart Failure, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity for a healthy heart. Nordic walking is the best recreation for those, who already have the disease, but it is also a good preventive measure to avoid heart disease.

The Nepopustljivo srce group consisted of staff from Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota, employees of the General Hospital Murska Sobota and the Ambulance for Heart Disease at the General Hospital Murska Sobota, the Ambassadors of the Programme for Awareness and Empowerment on Heart Failure, employees of the National Institute of Public Health, retired executives from various health institutions and others.

The preparations and warm-up were carried out by physiotherapists from the General Hospital Murska Sobota. The hike followed a 10 km long trail running from Radenci to the surrounding villages and back. 168 competed in the Nordic Walking race; the Nepopustljivo srce group had 25 hikers under the guidance of Silva Nemeš, a Nordic Walking instructor. At the start of the race, the competitors released heart-shaped balloons into the air, as a symbol for a healthy, unbreakable heart!

We received praise from Boštjan Gerlec, the president of the organizing committee of the Three Hearts Marathon, and were kindly invited to attend the 39th Marathon next year.

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