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Case Study about Pomurje in cooperation with TARSC

Since the end of last year, the Centre for Health and Development (CHD) Murska Sobota has been working with the Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC), which provides training, research and support services to national organizations and civil society organizations at national and international level. TARSC is also a leader in research on the building of social power and cooperation in local health systems in various countries around the world, mainly through research involving comprehensive case studies in individual countries. In one of these types of surveys, the CHD also participated in a case study on the Pomurje region within the framework of the Shaping Health project led by TARSC. This study presents the experiences of participatory cross-sectoral cooperation between regional companies for investments in health and development through regional development programmes. The case study of the Pomurje region also shows how active citizenship promotes health as a potential contribution to development and vice versa, how to use the development processes to promote health. You can read more about the study itself in the pdf document down below. 

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