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Bambini - Treasure Chest

Most toys about mobility and transport available on the market today are cars. We rarely find toys or books that would present other, alternative forms of mobility, e.g. cycling, walking, public transport. From early childhood, children perceive the car as the primary and most common form of transportation, even for short distances.

Children learn through play, so the Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota prepared a "BAMBINI treasure chest" filled with various toys and books and is intended for kindergarten children. The toys are made by a project partner from Poland and are made of natural, environmentally and child-friendly materials and encourage children's physical and social development and positively influence the socialization of children in the direction of soft mobility. The books show various forms of active mobility and enhance children's imagination and enrich their vocabulary.

"BAMBINI treasure chest" is available for kindergartens for rent. The toys and books are not just for play but also suitable for learning and promoting the use of alternative and sustainable forms of mobility. "BAMBINI Treasure chest" allows kindergartens to acquire new and educational toys for a while without large financial inputs.

"BAMBINI treasure chest" was also presented at the AGRA 2012 fair.

For more information about the BAMBINI Rental Treasures, please call +386 02 530 21 13.

More information on the BAMBINI project can be found on: Mobile-Bambini.

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