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Activities at Elementary School France Prešeren Črenšovci

The elementary school in Črenšovci organizes numerous activities throughout the year in which they try to put children into their daily lives as best they can. Many activities were also prepared in October, between October 2 and 8 2017, a Week of the child was held called "Invite the Sun to Preschool". During this week, the children of the Črenšovci Kindergarten gathered in the lobby of the kindergarten every day, where they sang a song about the sun, together with teachers and other professionals, and then dealt with one topic every day. On Monday, they talked about maize, on Tuesday they talked about forest fruits, Wednesday was dedicated to foliage and the creation of forest images, Thursday to potatoes and Friday to fruit and its properties. They also provide healthy snacks and lots of outdoor activities.

In October, we also marked the World Food Day, which this year was dedicated to the role of the future of migration by investing in food security and rural development. On this occasion, the Elementary School of France Prešeren Črenšovci, on the proposal of the representatives of the Healthy School, prepared a tasting of fruit and vegetable drinks with milk or yoghurt.

Between 16 and 21 October, attention was paid to intergenerational cooperation. During this week, in the framework of the all-Slovenian volunteer project Simbioza giba, a number of sports activities were organized, involving parents and grandparents, thus socializing, connecting generations and moving together.

The Črenšovci Elementary School is also included in the project Learn4Health, where it cooperates with the Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota. The project promotes changes in the culture and health of school children through school interventions for pupils and teachers. It is a three-year strategic partnership with partnership from Denmark, Lithuania, Spain, England and the Netherlands. The aim of the project is primarily to promote a healthy and sustainable diet among school children by developing a model for changing practices and pedagogies related to food and health that can be used in most European countries.

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